Top surface

We recommend spot cleaning the baby shoes using a damp cloth with water and mild detergent.


You may wash the shoe bottom using a brush with mild detergent and cold water. 

Please note that since our shoes are made with genuine leather, hardening of shoe bottoms after being treated with water is common and natural.



Please do not use the dryer to dry the baby shoes. The heat may cause the leather to tighten up and shrink in size. Air-dry is recommended. 

To dry the shoes faster, take a wire clothes hanger and bend both ends up, then hang the top part of each shoe over the raised ends. 

The drying time takes 2-3 days on average, but differs depending on temperature and humidity. Check the shoes halfway through and turn them inside out if necessary.



The washing process may cause the leather to wrinkle slightly. Please treat this by pressing the shoe’s top surface with a standard iron. Do not use steam. The stream will cause the leather to shrink. Also, you can re-shape by inserting a metal spoon into the front of the shoe.